Sports Funding


Primary PE and Sport Premium Strategy Statement


Holy Cross Catholic Primary School PE and Sport Mission Statement


At Holy Cross, we wish to provide the best PE and sport provision possible. We aim to deliver a programme of high quality lessons and to provide a pathway to participation that will enable all pupils to build confidence and achieve their full potential.


Key achievements to date

Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer. This means that at Holy Cross Primary School we will use the premium to:

  • develop or add to the PE and sport activities that our school already offers
  • increase physical activity, enjoyment and skill
  • make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years


Areas for further improvement and baseline evidence of need:

Vision for the Primary PE and Sport Premium

  • At Holy Cross Primary School all pupils will leave physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport from their individual starting points.

Baseline Evidence

  • We currently provide 8 after-school clubs that promote physical activity.
  • In 2018/19, we participated in 9 competitive sports events against local schools.
  • We would like to expand the number and range of in-school and competitive sporting opportunities that we provide.



Action Plan and Budget Tracking

Capture your intended annual spend against the 5 indicators.

Clarify the success criteria and evidence of impact that you intend to measure for pupils today and for the future.

Academic Year 2019- 2020

Total fund allocated: £18,190

Date Updated:

Key indicator 1: The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend that primary school children undertake at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day in school

% of total allocation:


Percentage of total allocation:

30 %

School focus with clarity on intended

impact on pupils:

Actions to achieve:

Funding allocated:

Evidence and impact:

Sustainability and suggested next steps:

  • Invest in a new PE scheme PE Planning
  • Increased participation lunchtime
  • Staff training to embed new scheme
  • Coaching Company to encourage play
  • Purchase new equipment


£5016 first play leader

  • Clear progression of skills
  • Increased participation lunchtime
  • PE planning scheme renews annually

Key indicator 2: The profile of PESSPA being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

% of total allocation:

8 %

School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils:

Actions to achieve:

Funding allocated:

Evidence and impact:

Sustainability and suggested next steps:

  • Children participate in a range of competitive sports events each year
  • Athletics skills developed to in a

competitive environment

  • Contribution towards co-ordination costs of 14 competitive sport events each year
  • Transport and supply cover costs for the annual Brickfields outdoor athletics event
  • Promote sport as a vehicle for raising attainment for disadvantaged pupils





  • Holy Cross Teams participated in …
  • Holy Cross Athletics teams ..
  • Events organised by PSSP partnership each year

Key indicator 3: Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

% of total allocation:

% of total allocation: 20%

School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils:

Actions to achieve:

Funding allocated:

Evidence and impact:

Sustainability and suggested next steps:

  • Teaching skills deepened and coaching for children enhanced
  • Pupils with ability identified and given wider opportunities
  • External coaching company to work alongside teaching staff in order to develop staff capacity and expertise
  • Coaching company to run skills based programmes



 £3564 2nd person

  • Increased participation for children
  • Staff report knowledge, skills and understanding developed
  • Staff are skilled to increasingly deliver independently

Key indicator 4: Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

% of total allocation:


School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils:

Actions to achieve:

Funding allocated:

Evidence and impact:

Sustainability and suggested next steps:

  • Children’s experiences widened
  • There is a clear link between lunchtime and after-school provision
  • Children gain knowledge across the school in terms of healthy living and nutrition
  • Specialist companies lead events
  • Premier Sport run a Health and Nutrition programme across the school



  • Increase in experiences offered
  • Healthy lifestyle choices encouraged
  • Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds runs each year

Key indicator 5: Increased participation in competitive sport

% of total allocation:


School focus with clarity on intended

impact on pupils:

Actions to achieve:

Funding allocated:

Evidence and impact:

Sustainability and suggested next steps:

  • All children participate in competitive sport
  • Children have access to resources to develop skills
  • PSSP programmes booked and attended
  • Provide a range of resources to support lessons




  • Lunchtime participation improved
  • Access for all during lessons
  • Resources replaced as necessary

Overview: PE provision at Holy Cross Primary School has continued to make steady progress in 2018 / 2019.  Although the school entered a number of events across all age groups throughout the year, it is recognised that we need to increase our ‘team’ events. Much emphasis has been placed on the development of a ‘Sporting Legacy’ and utilising the Sports Premium to ensure that the profile of sport at Holy Cross is raised. The main focus of this has been establishing daily lunchtime sporting provision with the support of Premier Sport. The result of these changes was the increase of children taking part in an extra-curricular sports club. A lot of focus has been on implementing the use of the PE Passport App to ensure at least good lessons are being delivered on a regular basis. There has also been a focus on developing accurate assessment and recording practices. This has been successful in some cases; however, staff require further training to demonstrate how this can be an integral part of their lesson delivery. The focus for the forthcoming year will be to spend more time team teaching alongside colleagues to develop their use of teaching with the PE Passport App. Further support for TAs will also be a focus to ensure that they are deployed effectively within PE Lessons. Further emphasis will be placed on using the Sports Premium to engage all PP children in an extra-curricular activity at some point in the year. As we look to develop the benefits of CAST further, opportunities to encourage cross school competition and events will be explored with the aim of raising the profile of CAST amongst children, parents and the wider communities. As we move towards establishing a sporting legacy, we must also recognise the need for nutrition and healthy living as a primary driving force in our endeavour to equip learners with a ‘healthy body, healthy mind’, philosophy.



Objectives – what is it we are trying to achieve?




Person responsible


Resources – including cost and time

Success Criteria – measureable and linked to something different for the children


Monitoring – when and how?

Evaluation – against success criteria, measuring impact







Lunchtime clubs

Establish effective lunchtime provision with regards to sporting activities for children in all key stages.







Sept 2020








Len Flashman


Premier MTA Training (03/09/2018) - £85





Premier AP lunchtime support  






Year 6 Bronze Ambassador Training – Provided by PSSP

MTA Training

Appropriate training offered to all MTA staff to help with the delivery of physical lunchtime activities and ability to support play leaders.


Lunchtime clubs to be targeted and impactful ensuring that all learners get the opportunity to participate and learn key skills to equip them with future endeavors





Year 6 learners to be responsible for delivering lunchtime clubs to promote ‘an active lifestyle’. Learners to be allocated to KS1 and KS2 playground. Learners to work on a rota delivering 20 minute activities.


Monitor termly through observations.





Paid professionals. Observations to be carried out termly + additional from Premier Sport Manager (Alistair).



Monitor weekly through observations.





Delivery of PE

Ensure that all children are experiencing planned, resourced and well executed PE lessons.


January    2020



Len Flashman



PE Passport App Subscription - £300


Supply Cover for Observations - £TBC



Focus on the Level 0 (Personal Challenge) being immersed in all lessons.




Assessment of PE

Ensure that all children have an up-to-date assessment in PE and teachers are secure in their understanding of how this assessment alters their provision / delivery.


January 2020



Len Flashman


PE Passport App Subscription - Already accounted for above


Supply Cover for Assessment support and analysis.




PE Experiences

To ensure that every child in KS1 and KS2 has experience of at least one Level 2 event throughout the year and several Level 1 events within school.



Timetable in place by October 2019



Len Flashman



Plymouth Schools Sports Partnership Subscription - £3750








To further develop the school’s vision to equip learners with the healthy body, healthy mind mindset.


September 2019


Len Flashman


Initial year 5 sample lesson delivery (Friday 13TH September 2019)




Targeted Intervention of SEN

December 2019

Len Flashman

Premier AP lunchtime clubs –

30 weeks



Premier Sport to deliver target intervention of specific learners to assist with PSHE and life orientation skills through physical activity.



CAST Cluster Sports

To enhance the sporting opportunities across the Cluster.




July 2019




Howard Turner








Objective 1:

To continue our high quality lunchtime experience, through the ‘happy lunchtime’ scheme, expanding the opportunities available for physical activity and school sport for all pupils.

PE and School Sport Premium Key Outcome Indicator 1, 3 and 5



Intended impact

Continue with the new ‘happy lunchtime’ strategy to maximise physical activities on offer to all pupils.



Use of lead PE specialist (HT) to strategically plan and support sports leaders and sports ambassadors to deliver and oversee lunchtime activities within specific zones. They will continue to specifically target the involvement of underactive pupils through fun activities: dance, penalty shoot outs, hula hoops etc.

 Premier Sport 1st person

38 weeks @ £132 pw = £5016







All pupils engaged in expanding range of physical activities at lunchtimes.

Increased in the number of targeted under active pupils taking part in physical activity at lunchtimes.

PE Specialist (HT) to provide MTAs with ongoing high quality coaching to sustain the levels of pupil interest and participation in lunchtime activities.

 Pupils are able to demonstrate leadership skills in developing sustainable playground games at lunchtime, increasing participation in physical activity, leading to an overall increased mental wellbeing and health.

Objective 2:

To raise awareness of Health and fitness statements.

PE and School Sport Premium Key Outcome Indicator 1, 2 and 3



Intended impact

  • To promote movement as part of the being an active school; using online activities and ensuring lessons are active, with an element of movement.
  • PE specialist provides all teaching staff with a refresher/ memo of online ‘brain gym’ activities such as ‘go noodle,’ active 10, daily mile etc.
  • The government target is an hour a day so the aim is to complete ½ hour during school time.
  • Ensure cross curricula coverage for Health and Fitness. Lessons run by specialist for classes over 6 week block

No cost






Premier Sports 30 weeks @ £94 pw = £2820

Children to become less static during the school day.


More active and healthy pupils across the school.


Consistency of use of the activities to support Health and fitness as the pupils move up through the school. E.g. Go Noodle


More active and engaged pupils during core subjects and therefore more motivated and enthusiastic learners.



Objective 3:

To increase participation levels of all pupils taking part in extra curriculum sporting activities and competition, with a focus on pupil premium children.

PE and School Sport Premium Key Outcome Indicator: 1,2,3 and 5



Intended impact

  • Lunchtime emphasis on skills development for specific ally targeted groups
  • Premier Sports employed to provide a wide range of extra curricula sporting activities through after school clubs.
  • Argyle sports to provide the same sports coaches to ensure that there is consistently high quality teaching and familiarity for the pupils.
  • Premier sports and Argyle coaches to provide football, rugby and other Sports clubs, open for all pupils, including Foundation, to move away from the focus being on selection of pupils for sports teams.
  • Pupils invited to events from all the Cluster schools to take part in sports events.

2nd Premier Sports person 27 weeks @ £132 = £3564


Approx £1000 for club subsidies





 Subscriptions for PSSP: £3,750

More pupils being physically active both before and after school.


Pupils feel more confident and willing to join the range of clubs on offer as they become familiar with sports coach. (JL)


Pupils more confident to take part in a range of clubs, without feeling the pressure of team selection. Teaching staff to provide more focused, skilled coaching for pupils that have been selected for sports teams. Therefore, teams are more prepared for level 2 competitions out of school.


Continue to develop the parent, pupil partnership across the school. Parents to become more involved in the importance of health and well-being and being physically active as a family.

 More pupils enjoying and participating in physical activity.

 Children compete in teams


Objective 4:

To log and display both inside and outside of school achievements of children on the PE display.  

PE and School Sport Premium Key Outcome Indicator 1, 2 and 5



Intended impact

  • Log sporting successes shared in Key Stage assemblies.
  • Promote the sporting successes.
  • Use data gathered over the year to enter different pupils for the EOY area sporting celebrations evening.
  • To have a PE Leaders board in a visual place within the school to celebrate pupils’ success.
  • To remind all staff to share any sporting successes.
  • To take photos of any sporting successes, including certificates, pupils with medals etc to put onto PE display.


No cost








Raised profiles of external clubs within the community during celebration assemblies at school, encourage pupils to join and therefore continue to take part in more physical activities both in and out of school.


More children to share sporting successes across the year.   

Pupils feel more inspired to want to take part and share sporting successes if they are displayed on the PE board.



PE/SPORTS funding budget 2019-2020

Allocated amount






PSSP subscription fee Sept 19 to Aug 20



Premier Sport 1st person Lunch Time Club/Interaction (38 weeks at 132 p/w))



Premier Sport 2nd person Lunch Time Club/Interaction (27 weeks at 132 p/w)



Premier Sport Targeted intervention - (30 weeks at 94 p/w)



Primary PE Passport









Subsidies for children





Netball balls (pack of 15)


















left to spend



Building on our successes from last year, we are very excited about the opportunities that the 2019/2020 year will bring to Holy Cross. If you have want to know more about the Sports Funding or would like to see how we intend to use our sports funding this year, please click on the link below.