Our School Day

Our School Day
7.45-8.30am     Breakfast Club (optional and paid for by parents)
8.30-8.50am         Gates open to admit children (Soft Start)
8.50pm                 Start of school day
9am                      Register closes
8.50-10.15am        Learning Session 
10.15-11am            KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 Staggered Playtimes of 15mins 
10.15-12.15           Learning Session
11.40-12.35           Lunchtime  EYFS
12.15-1.10             Lunchtime  KS1 and 2
12.35-3pm            Learning Session EYFS
1.10-3.15               Learning Session KS1 (with 15 minute flexible playtime)
1.10-3.15pm          Learning Session KS2
3.15 - 6pm      After School Club (Optional and paid for by parents)