Our Mission and Values

The Vision of Plymouth CAST
The Church insists on the highest standards of academic achievement in its schools,
so that our young people leave us as ‘agents of change’ – educated and caring
people who have the qualifications, knowledge and skills they need to flourish as
human beings and make the world a better place.
Inspired by our Teacher, Jesus Christ, and his good news to the poor, we have a
commitment especially to those who are disadvantaged. We are determined that a
child’s start in life need not determine their future.
We are committed to the well-
being of the earth, our common home, inspired by the example of Pope Francis: to
live wisely, think deeply and love generously.
In all our schools we will develop a culture of high expectation and aspiration, based
on our fundamental belief in the dignity of all human beings. We want all our pupils to
flourish in safe, happy and enriching environments, taught and supported by adults
who are skilled, motivated and committed to our shared vision and values.
We will work together as one Trust, one family of schools, a community inspired by a
vision for excellence. We commit ourselves to deepen our mission and raise
standards in order to provide an excellent Catholic education for every child in our
“Our mission is to be a community of outstanding
schools in which our pupils flourish in safe, happy and
stimulating environments and leave us with the
knowledge and skills, personal qualities and aspirations,
to make the world a better place, inspired by the
The Vision for Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
With Christ at the centre of all that we do, we strive to ensure that all pupils at
Holy Cross feel happy and safe. With our children being the leaders of the future,
we actively promote independence, confidence and teamwork. Together, everyone
achieves more.
It is our ambition that Holy Cross Catholic Primary School should become a beacon
for other schools within Plymouth CAST and beyond. Pupils will consistently achieve
highly so that they are well-prepared for the next stage of their education.
As a result of a broad, customised and ambitious curriculum, which is coherently
planned and sequenced, all pupils, particularly our disadvantaged pupils and those
with SEND, will be equipped with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to
succeed in life.
The environment will be positive, supporting pupils’ emotional and mental well-being.
Pupils will show a dedication and commitment to learning and be highly motivated.
As a result, pupils will develop detailed knowledge and skills enabling them to make
rapid progress, attain well and become effective agents of change.