Pupil Chaplaincy- Our GIFT Team

Holy Cross has a team of dedicated Pupil Chaplains, our GIFT Team who promote and enhance the Catholic life of our school.  Pupil Chaplaincy has a high profile in our school. Each one of the Pupil Chaplains has to apply for this important role and is interviewed by the current GIFT Team, supported by Miss Buscombe.

Our GIFT Team are a very dedicated team who have a vital role in enhancing the Catholic Life of our school. Their roles include delivering class Prayer and Worship, leading prayers and reflections in assemblies and Liturgical events, supporting charities and fundraising events. They are good role models for the pupils in our school and live out the Gospel values in their thoughts, words and actions.

The role of the GIFT Team is to serve and support the Catholic life of the school.


The GIFT Team perform many duties that include:

  • Ensuring the Catholic life of the school is visible and vibrant throughout the school environment.
  • Assisting in the planning of liturgical celebrations and school Masses.
  • Organising prayer groups and leading collective worship.
  • Planning and leading classroom prayer each week
  • Developing the use of sacred spaces in the school
  • Developing initiatives to ensure the Catholic life of the school is high profile
  • Supporting the school in living it's mission 
Stations of the Cross 
During Holy Week the GIFT Team lead a prayerful and reverent 'Stations of the Cross' attended by the whole school. 
They carefully led the school community to prayerfully walk alongside Jesus and encounter him in a very special way. 
Devotions at Bethany Care Home
As part of our inter-generational project link with Bethany Care Home, the GIFT Team were invited to plan and lead a devotions session for the residents of the care home. After the visit they recieved the following feedback

The residents really appreciated all the thought that the GIFT team had put into preparing a very special Devotions session.  They were impressed with how well they lead the whole thing.  The children  were very courteous, considerate, and polite to the residents and to each other which was lovely to see.  They also made it a very interactive session enabling all to engage with the prayers, the responsive craft activity and the singing which was just what was needed to keep everyone’s attention.  The residents commented on how natural the children’s faith came across and how what they were doing with us was clearly a part of their everyday lives.  Special mention should be made of Stefan who retold the story of ‘The Feeding of the 5,000’ from memory and with expression.  But it was clearly a great team effort, and each played their part brilliantly coming alongside and chatting with the residents.


We can’t wait for them to visit again 

GIFT Chaplaincy Team Prayer

God our Father,

Thank you for our school community and for our teachers and clergy who help us to learn more about you.

Thank you for our friends and family who show us your love and care.

Bless us as we grow together in peace to build up your kingdom and make the world a better place.

Help all the members of our school and parish, especially those who are in most need of your help.

Fill us with your Spirit so that we can be your hands on earth.


GIFT Chaplaincy Team Promise

As a  member of the GIFT Team of Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

I promise to set a good example to others and help to bring peace and faith to the school.

I promise to pray to God and follow His rules. I promise to help those in need.