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Dear Parents/Carers,


We are delighted that all the children are back on Monday and are very much looking forward to seeing you all at drop off and pick up.

I have included in this week’s newsletter the information I already shared with you in my letter last Wednesday just to make sure everyone is up to speed with the arrangements.


It has been a busy week as we prepared for the return of all the children. Our new risk assessment has been signed off by the trust, the classrooms have been set up to once again accommodate 30+ children, our yellow waiting spots in the playground have been refreshed, all staff have been briefed and all is in place for Monday!


In the midst of all that, we managed to have a fantastic celebration of books and reading on World Book Day. Our masked readers certainly got you all thinking! The children both in school and at home rose to Miss McCalley’s challenges and sent in their book themes menus and lots of photos of their wonderful book character costumes – lots of photos in the newsletter will give you a flavour of the creativity and the hard work invested by you, the parents and the hard-working staff into making this day so special!

Alice in Wonderland was a treat enjoyed by everyone, including the staff!


We are keen to ensure that everyone feels reassured and safe about coming back to school. The teachers have planned learning which will support the children’s emotional well-being, facilitating opportunities to collaborate and to re-connect. British Science Week is just of the many fun learning opportunities planned. We are also mindful of the different experiences of lockdown our children will have had – ‘same storm but different boats’ – and will be ensuring children have time to talk and to reflect on these. Gaps in learning will be quickly identified through ongoing teacher assessment so that our provision meets the learning needs of every child. The staff at Holy Cross are extremely skilled and will work hard to support children so please don’t worry.


As always, please continue to communicate with us through Class Dojo or by telephone/email and together we will do all we can to ensure the return to school is a positive and supportive experience for everyone.


Stay safe,


Mrs F Gill









Easter Holidays


Last day of Easter Term is Thursday 1st April


Good Friday 2nd April is a Bank Holiday


Summer term 1

Monday 19th April – Friday 28th May


Bank Holiday

3rd May


Half term

Saturday 29th May - Sunday 6th June


First Holy Communion

Sunday 27th June 2021


Summer Term 2

Monday 7th June – INSET day

Tuesday 8th June – Thursday 22nd July


Our Catholic Life


Our theme next week is RESPECT

Jesus goes to the Temple and is so angry to find the money-changers and traders doing business there that he throws them out. Jesus is furious that they are cheating and stealing from the people in the most holy place in Jerusalem. Those in authority want to know what right he has to behave in this way. Instead of a straightforward answer, Jesus talks about his death and resurrection in a way that not even his disciples understand yet. Jesus is changing everything and saying that he is the way to the Father, not just praying in the Temple and following the Law.

Let us Pray

Dear Jesus, help me to be honest and to treat people fairly. Help me to remember that you are with me when I pray and give me the courage to always do the right thing.




Here at Holy Cross, we use a resource called Tenten to deliver some aspects of our collective worship and our Relationships Education. During lockdown, Tenten have made some wonderful resources available for you at home.

Due to the return to school from 8th March, TenTen will no longer be providing Prayers for Home but will however continue to provide a link to the Assembly For Home. The Sunday Liturgy will continue to be available also.

This is an experiment to see if there is a strong desire and need for this resource as part of the package of resources offered to schools. It is not intended to replace assemblies in school but an additional prayer resource to share with parents. TenTen will assess the success of the experiment with two criteria:

Usage data – how often the video is watched

Feedback – communication from schools about whether this is a needed resource in the future.



w/c 1 March 2021
2021-03-08 Assembly Video for Home (


Our grateful appreciation to the Martha Group at Holy Cross in Yelverton who have generously purchased these gorgeous Lenten calendars for every child. They are full of lovely ideas and things to reflect upon this Lent. I am sure mums will all be delighted with March 13th when all the children tidy their rooms!

Please continue to keep Mrs Duthie and Fr Jacek in your prayers.



Wonders of the Week


Here are this week’s winners of the Wonder of the Week award.

I really enjoyed leading our  Celebration Assembly today and we were delighted that Deacon Albert was able to join us too.




Julia Donaldson: Sonia for working incredibly hard in her RWI lessons and making great progress. We are so proud of you.


Allan Ahlberg: Cerys  for all of the wonderful work she has done at home. She has been creative and showed determination to try her best.


Roger Hargreaves: Adam for working hard to improve the presentation of his work.


Eric Carle:  Joy for consistently impressing me with her home learning and putting 100% effort into all tasks. Well done!


Michael Morpurgo: All the children for showing such great resilience and perseverance towards all of their learning whether it was in the classroom or online. I’m proud of you all.


Quentin Blake:  Lily for adapting well to a new group and for striving to take on challenges with her learning. 


Roald Dahl: Cristian for showing resilience in his work ethic especially when being challenged, this has led to a maturity in his verbal reasoning when improving his own work.


Philip Pullman: Jeroen for displaying a fantastic attitude towards his learning this week.


Emma Carroll: Maxim for having such high aspirations throughout his remote learning. Not only has he consistently submitted high quality pieces of learning, he has always looked to understand the challenges, asking for help if he needs it.


J K Rowling: Laura for pursuing other interests during lockdown - we have seen wonderful art skills and knitting and are impressed with her desire to learn and perfect new things! 

Sienna for her creativity and artistic passion - for her range of wonderful paintings and tie-dye clothing designs. Again, we are impressed with her desire to learn new skills during this time.



Gospel Values Awards













Julia Donaldson: Thea for Kindness - for being so kind to all members of the class


Allan Ahlberg: Haidar for Kindness -  Haidar has shown kindness to others and is very helpful in class


Roger Hargreaves: Seth for Kindness- for playing with his friends so nicely.


Eric Carle:   Lizzie for Kindness  -  for always including others in her games and being a lovely friend.


Michael Morpurgo: Lucas for Courage-  for showing courage towards his learning even when he finds it tricky.


Quentin Blake: Harlow for showing Compassion – for writing lovely ideas on how we can show love and give generously.


Roald Dahl: Ben for Kindness and Compassion -  He is such a caring boy and always thinks of others.


Philip Pullman: Tiago for Integrity - for showing integrity as a fantastic school council representative


Emma Carroll: Esme for Courage -  for showing courage as she returned to school this week. It has been lovely having her positive and happy spirit in class.











Our Return to Full Opening – Please read carefully.


Please visit our website COVID Risk Assessment for Parents to view a parent friendly version of the risk assessment which will explain what we are doing and why we are doing it that way.


Staggered Drop offs and Pick ups

As previously, there are specific drop off and pick up times – this is in order to minimise congestion at the school gates and to ensure that adults and children have the space to observe the social distancing advice. We cannot ‘police’ or enforce this however, and ask that each parent/carer assumes the responsibility to social distance whilst waiting with their child outside the school gate.


PLEASE help all you can by arriving punctually at your child’s allotted times. If walking to school and arriving early, please remain at some distance from the school gate until nearer the time – preferably across the road from the school. If you drive, please remain inside your car until your allotted time. We have suggested in the past that this time might be spent reading or practising times tables. That way, we will avoid too many congregating in a small area. You will be called when it is the turn of your child’s class.


If you have arranged for someone else to pick up or drop off, please make sure they know the name of your child’s class.


If you arrive late and miss your drop off time, we ask that you wait until 9.10am to avoid bubbles crossing.


Only one adult should accompany a child to school and collect at the end of the day.


Siblings should be dropped/collected at the same time/at the same gate as the earliest child.

  • Year 3/4 parents are asked to wait by Tescos (to left side of the school)
  • Year 5/6 parents are asked to wait in front of the church (to right hand side of the school)
  • Year 1/2 parents are asked to wait along the pavement on White Friars Lane (Please remind the children not to play on driveways/gardens of houses)


All parents are asked to leave the school site promptly so that the next group of parents/children can be admitted or leave. Please do not stay to chat with other parents on school premises.


Please remind your children that they should remain by your side whilst waiting for siblings and that they should not run around, playing with other children. Younger siblings should remain in their pushchairs especially at pick up. Our risk assessment is based on keeping bubbles separate and that work would be undone if children were to mix freely in the playground at pick up time.

8.30/ 3pm JKR through the vehicle gate and into school via the red door

8.30/ 3pm MM through the pedestrian gate and through the middle playground

8.30/ 3pm RH through the back gate on White Friars Lane


8.40/3.10pm PP through the vehicle gate and into school via the red door

8.40/3.10pm QB through the pedestrian gate and through the middle playground

8.40/3.10pm EC through the back gate on White Friars Lane




8.50/3.20pm EMC through the vehicle gate and into school via the red door

8.50/3.20pm RD through the pedestrian gate and through the middle playground

8.50/3.20pm AA through the back gate on White Friars Lane


9am/2.50pm JD through the pedestrian gate through the white door.




In order to minimise access to the school, parents will not be allowed to access the building/Reception. Please telephone or email or use Class Dojo to message the class teacher, Miss Buscombe or myself.




Social distancing in classrooms of 30 children is not possible. Having said that, each class will form its own bubble and we will continue to minimise any mixing of children across bubbles. Break times and lunchtimes have been

carefully timetabled to ensure that there is minimal traffic around the school at any one time and that each bubble has their own playground. KS2 classrooms have been set up with front facing desks and teachers in all

classes have clear seating plans in place so that groups are as consistent as possible. Children will be reminded to social distance when playing and they will have their own class set of play equipment which will be cleaned after use. Each child will have their own stationery pack – please do not allow your child to bring their own pencil cases from home. Any resources shared by children within a bubble will be cleaned regularly. Books will be quarantined for 72hrs.


Masks/Face coverings


In class, when delivering lessons or working with groups of children, teachers may opt to wear a clear visor. In communal areas, staff will wear face coverings and there are clear protocols in place for the removal and storage of these.

Please wear face coverings on the school site when dropping off/collecting children.

Children do not need to wear face coverings. If they arrive at school with a face covering, they will be supported to remove it and to place it in a plastic bag. Face coverings worn for long periods of time become damp and present a greater risk.


Symptomatic of COVID-19


If your child presents with a new continuous cough, a fever or is experiencing any loss of or change in their taste/smell, please do not send them to school.

If your child presents with those symptoms during the school day, we will contact you by telephone asking you to collect your child immediately. When collecting a symptomatic child, please come to the back gate on White Friars Lane.

You should then have your child tested and the whole household should self-isolate until you get the result. Further action will depend on the result of the test.

A helpful flowchart can be found on our website Displaying Symptoms Flowchart




Children are expected to wear uniform to school. We understand however that they may have grown out of uniform and school shoes and that non-essential shops are not yet open, so we ask only that you do your best. If school shoes are now too small, please send your child in trainers so that they can run around and play safely. If a jumper or cardigan is too small please try to use a plain, dark coloured sweater instead. Children should continue to wear their PE kits to school on the days when they have PE. Please see your child’s Class Dojo page for that information.


Book Bags


We ask that your child does not bring non-essential items to school. Lunch boxes, water bottles and reading books are all that is required. Toys should not be brought into school.

Books will be sent home on a Monday to be returned to school every Friday. For younger children, two books will be provided. We encourage you to follow our guidance on the Three-Read approach (KS1) to get the most out of reading with your child. i.e. first time to decode, the second time to develop fluency and the third time to focus on comprehension. This ensures that your child is developing their comprehension at the same time as their fluency.



First Aid


If your child requires first aid for a bump, scrape or other minor injury, we will send you a message with a picture of the form via Class Dojo.

LFD Testing


Since the end of January, staff here at Holy Cross have been carrying out twice weekly Lateral Flow tests at home. This ensures that we minimise the risk of bringing COVID-19 into the classroom. Positive LFT results mean that a PCR test should be booked to confirm the LFT result.

The government is now offering this same opportunity to parents of any school age child. Please visit this website for further detail. lateral-flow-testing-for-households


ChromeBooks/Power Maths


If you have borrowed a Chromebook, please return it and the charger to school with your child by Friday 5th March or on Monday 8th March at the latest. Please remember to send back your child’s Power Maths book and also any paper-based learning they have completed over lockdown. Their teachers would love to see what they have accomplished.



Please take some time this weekend to share the special ‘Welcome Back’ booklets posted on Class Dojo Class pages with your children so that they can be prepared to come back to school without worries or anxieties. We do hope they are useful.











On Thursday 4th March Holy Cross celebrated World Book Day (WBD) with a number of class and whole school activities. Here are just a few fantastic moments captured…

The Masked Readers:


Well done for all your guesses. Did you get them right?



      Miss Heaton        Miss Hannaford      Miss McCalley             Mrs King              Miss North        Mrs Glanfield 




Book Themed Menus: Can you identify the book which inspired them?




Fantastic Costumes:






A love of Reading: Stories, bookmarks, story-writing, book covers, re-telling stories and even a mystery book extravaganza followed by a wonderful virtual performance of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.






Our thanks to Miss McCalley for organising such a wonderful event!








Coming up:


Next week is British Science Week, and the theme for this year is 'Innovators of the future'.

As future scientists, the children will take part in a whole school engineering challenge to build towers with various materials. We will also have a competition where children can create their own innovations. More information regarding this will be shared with the children next week. 


Miss Hannaford



HISTORY – A request from Miss Goddard

The past year will be remembered as a significant part of history for many years to come and we think it is important to make our children aware of how significant this has been. Therefore, I would like us to create a Holy Cross Scrapbook full of our community’s memories, reflections and images of how Holy Cross survived the pandemic. 


In school we are going to reflect on the past year and encourage our children to create either a diary entry, picture, story etc. which will then go into the book.


I would also like to invite parents to share, your thoughts and images with us to go into the book. 


This book can also be used to support teaching historical evidence and help future Holy Cross children learn about the pandemic! 


I am also on the look-out for old suitcases e.g. leather or soft fabric ones that we will use as part of our history teaching soon! If anyone has any they would like to donate, please let me know! These will be appropriately quarantined before use.

Many thanks,


Miss Goddard









Breakfast Club/After School Club

Breakfast Club and After School Club will run as normal from Monday 8th March for a maximum of 20 children so that we can accommodate different bubbles safely.

Please ring to book places one week in advance. We will take bookings next week for the week beginning the 8th March. Staff will be allocated to particular bubbles for the week ahead so that we can follow the track and trace guidelines effectively.


If you are not in need of the place, please cancel ahead so we can offer the place to someone who needs it.

Breakfast Club runs from 7.45am and children need to be in by 8am. Arrivals after this time will not be admitted.

After School Clun will again run until 6pm.


Please ring 07398477727 when dropping off and picking up.

We will have to bring your child to the pedestrian gate off the playground as we are having some work done in front of the church. This was delayed due to lockdown but hopefully will be sorted soon. Apologies for any inconvenience.




This week, the office will be sending out our Data Collection Sheets to ensure we have accurate and up to date contact details for every child. Please help us to communicate with you by returning these to school promptly.

It is essential that we have the correct phone numbers and email addresses so that we can contact you in an emergency and also to share important information.



If you subsequently move house or change your phone number or email accounts, please let us know by phoning the school on 01752 225420 or by email to

We need to stay connected!



Have a lovely weekend!