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Message from the Headteacher Dear Parents, There has been a lot on this week as we have made the most of National Science Week as well as Sport Relief. Science Week had visitors in - including parents - where children enjoyed talks ranging from water and midwifery! Thank you to Miss Bailey for organising. For Sports Relief Mr Shaw organised a whole school Skittles event. All the children had a go at knocking down the skittles and it culminated in a game between two teams yesterday - Mr and Mrs Cotter as team captains. Congratulations to Mrs Cotter’s team who won by two points! The whole school cheered on both teams so it was a great sporting atmosphere.
Two teams are representing the school at the Catenians Event at Notre Dame sharing their presentations on “What Laudato Si’ means to us.” The class winners will be asked to present to the parents and Key Stage 2 soon. They were: Roald Dahl: 1st - Lily, Darcey, Emily, Elsie David Walliams 1st - Alex, Melissa, Abady, Evan 2nd - Dominic, Ezekiel, Jaisal, Elijah 2nd - Esme, Olivia, Olivia, Iris, Annie, Annouska 3rd - Sarah, Anne, Katie, Talia 3rd - Bobby, Alex, Jacob, Harvey, Ruben, Mason Michael Morpurgo 1st - Karolina, Faustas, Jeroen, Boo Emma Carroll 1st - Daria, Alex, Sasha, Aiden 2nd - Esme, Tilly, Tillie 2nd - Nyla, Alice, Tallula, Jana, Kiana 3rd - Tiago, Harry, Julia 3rd - Joshua, Adrian, Callum, William Anthony Horowitz 1st - Gerran, Daragh JK Rowling 1st - Elika, Jake, Yanxing, Nell 2nd - Alex, Shalintha, Dylan, Phillip 2nd - Erin, Jakub, Eion, Nina, Henryk 3rd - Ava, Anna, Ahrianne 3rd - Saud, Elliott, Fintan, Jada, Qamar
The overall winner for Years 3/4 were the Michael Morpurgo winners and Years 5/6 winning team was from Emma Carroll class. Many of the children have been given national tests this week - called PIRA and PUMA. These help teachers to support their teacher judgements in reading and maths.
The Parent Questionnaires have another week for you to provide your thoughts. The raffle system is hoped to encourage you to share your views as we really want as many of you as possible to take part. The discos for both the Foundation stage/Key Stage 1 and for Key Stage 2 take place tonight. As we continue to look at our lunchtime provision, it has come to our notice that we could do more to encourage lunch boxes that provide healthy options. We notice some of the food could be better in terms of balance and nutrition, even though we understand the difficulty sometimes when encouraging children to eat these foods.
COVID-19, Coronavirus We continue to share with you the latest advice from Public Health England and the DfE. I receive daily emails from these sources as well as CAST and we are given strict instructions on what to do. We are taking the washing of hands very seriously as well as our cleaning duties. Obviously we will continue to keep you fully informed of any developments.
Next week the interviews for the Headship of Holy Cross will be held. Please join me in praying for a successful appointment. Have a lovely weekend.
Mr Cotter Headteacher 
Thank you to Summer from Plymouth University for hosting assemblies across the whole school on Monday. As it is British Science Week, Summer came to Holy Cross in her role as a STEM Ambassador. This means that Summer took the time to help bring science, technology, engineering and maths to life and demonstrated the value of them in life and future careers.
Zairis (Yohan’s mum) came into KS1 and LKS2 classes this week to give a talk about water in her role as a water planning specialist. The children learned about the decisions that need to be made when thinking about creating reservoirs, how we can save water and how much of the water on our planet is drinkable. Thank you so much Zairis!
Thank you also goes to Claire (Annouska and Anastasia’s mum) who came in to talk about her work as a midwife, which produced an interesting question and answer session!
Mrs Pascariu (a parent and one of our lovely MTAs) came in and lead a science workshop in Morpurgo class this week. The children in class were involved with 6 experiments and used key words such as solution, dissolution, dissolving and combustion.
Class photos are being sent home tonight in your child’s bag. If you would like to order a copy of their class photo, please complete the form, enclose payment (or bank details) and return everything in the envelope provided. If you would prefer to order your child’s class photo online please go to and follow the instructions. You will need the 10 digit photograph reference which can be found on the form, and also the web access code, again this can be found on the form. The system will then search for the photograph and an image will appear of your child’s group photo and you have the option to zoom in. If you would like to purchase the photo online, you can complete your transaction by clicking on the pink text. If you choose to purchase your photograph this way, you need not return the envelope to the school office. If you need assistance, feel free to contact Tempest on 01736 751555 (option 3)
Liturgy in School Parents and parishioners are invited to join us for liturgy, 9am, Monday mornings. The theme for our prayer and worship next week is: Water of Life Jesus, you knew the Samaritan woman wasn’t perfect but you loved her, just like you love me. Thank you for being our living water and giving us life. Amen
Here is a list of some important dates con-firmed for this year.
All information is available on our website calendar.
Friday 13/03/20 PTFA School Discos Thursday 19/03/20 Roger Hargreaves Class Mass Thursday 26/03/20 Whole School Mass Friday 27/03/20 Last day of term Tuesday 14/04/20 Summer Term commences Friday 8/05/20 Early May Bank Holiday for VE Day Friday 22/05/20 Non-pupil day 23/05/20 to 31/05/20 Half Term Monday 01/06/20 Non-pupil day Tuesday 02/06/20 Term Begins Tuesday 21/07/20 Last day of term EACH WEEK, WE RECOGNISE AND REWARD THOSE WITH THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE FOR ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY. THIS WEEK THE AWARD GOES TO: - Eric Carle (Yr 1/2) & David Walliams (Yr 3/4) Well done on your excellent punctuality!! St Jude St Julie St Andrew St Teresa Thank you all for your support, as always. Have a nice weekend. Mr Cotter, Miss Buscombe and all the staff at Holy Cross. Julia Donaldson (FS): Thomas L & Quinton-Simon James (Y1): Melody & Misma Eric Carle (Y1/2): Joy Roger Hargreaves (Y2): Tno Roald Dahl (Y3): Xander David Walliams (Y3/4): Laura Michael Morpurgo (Y4): Holly Emma Carroll (Y5): Laura Anthony Horowitz (Y5): Adam