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Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back to the final term of this academic year.


This week we have had the pleasure of meeting many of our new families joining us in September. We have had a full intake of 45 this year into our Foundation Stage, which is absolutely wonderful.

We held meetings for our new parents on Tuesday and Wednesday and introduced them to our school. Each meeting was led by our GIFT team who led us all in prayer, asking for God’s blessing and praying for our new families and the children joining us in September. Each family was given pebbles to decorate for our prayer garden and the GIFT team did an excellent job. We were extremely proud of them all!


We have also welcomed back Mrs Rhodes who this week has supported Allan Ahlberg Class but from next week will be working with the KS2 team. It is lovely to have her back!




Have a lovely weekend and stay safe,


Mrs F Gill







Clean Air Day

21st June


First Holy Communion

Sunday 27th June 2021


Summer Term 2

Tuesday 8th June – Thursday 22nd July


Y6 Residential

28th-30th June

To be confirmed





Our Catholic Life – A Growing Seed

Jesus told stories, or parables, to help people to understand his message. Here he is explaining about the kingdom of God. Jesus tells a story about a growing seed to explain that God is working to bring about the kingdom, even though we may not be aware of it. Then Jesus tells the parable of the mustard seed. He explains that the smallest of all seeds grows to become a huge shrub which gives shelter to the birds. God will help the small seed of our faith grow too, if we let him.    


Let us Pray

Dear Jesus, I want your kingdom to grow. Help me to be good soil.









Wonders of the Week


Here are this week’s winners of the Wonder of the Week award.


Julia Donaldson: Johan for working really hard on his storytelling and independently creating a story map during choosing time.


Allan Ahlberg: Rory for super effort in phonics and maths and working extremely hard all week. Well done, Rory!


Roger Hargreaves: Meleia and Brody for their wonderful effort in mathematics this week.


Eric Carle:  Tory for fantastic focus and effort in everything that he does. You are an excellent role model to the class. Well done!


Michael Morpurgo: Daniel for making a real effort with his work since returning back to school. I have been very impressed.


Quentin Blake:  Harry for persevering with his times tables and improving his score every day.


Roald Dahl: Elijah for being so helpful to the supply teacher this week


Philip Pullman: Tilly for her fantastic attitude towards her learning. 


Emma Carroll: Ali for his excellent revision work on punctuation. Not only did he work really hard, he did it independently.


J K Rowling: Annie and Annouska for being wonderful friends to everyone in the class 

Both of these girls have been really confident sharing their thinking and their learning over the past few weeks.



Next week we will focus on  

  • Forgiveness



Gospel Values Awards: This week we have all been trying to show COMPASSION.



Julia Donaldson:  Ishan for always being kind and gentle with his friends and looking after them when needed.


Allan Ahlberg: Methuli for being a kind, compassionate friend and caring for others.


Roger Hargreaves: Maya for showing kindness to others in the playground


Eric Carle: Martha-Mary for always showing care and compassion to everyone around her.


Michael Morpurgo: Elsie for helping to comfort her peers and friends when they are upset. 


Quentin Blake: Laura for always thinking of others and coming up with ways we can help one another.


Roald Dahl: Olivia for Compassion - always kind and helpful to her peers


Philip Pullman:  Marcus for showing compassion to others in the playground.  


Emma Carroll:  Julian for being a compassionate class member, showing care and concern for those around him


JK Rowling: Mia and Jana for always showing compassion to others in the class and around the school.

Being supportive of everyone that they meet at all times.



Congratulations to Alex Doogan, Dominic Fletcher, Thomas Cheshire, Clara Wallis, Tomas Toth, Thomas Blight and Esme Haine for successfully completing the half marathon DELT Shared Services Schools Challenge 2021. 


Cleaner Air Day 2021 17th June!


'Clean Air Day' is an important day for us all. In Holy Cross, many people take the car and drive to school, causing congestion and increasing the pollution in the air with greenhouse gases. But 'Clean Air Day' is an opportunity to try to use fewer cars and to walk, cycle or scoot instead! 

So, on the 17th June, the gates will be opened for all bikers, scooters or walkers who would like to make a difference.

We encourage you to leave the car and maybe this will be a change you can make for the rest of the year! 


We look forward to seeing you then,

The Global Warrior Team.


Help Us To Recycle!


The Global Warriors of Holy Cross would like to encourage you to recycle all of your used ink cartridges and batteries. Ink cartridges and batteries go to needless wastelands but we would like to change that and have teamed up with DCI to offer our community the chance to make a difference. Did you know approximately 65% of cartridges are in a fit condition to be recycled? Plus, up to £1.00 is paid to Holy Cross for every listed cartridge that can successfully be recycled. In a year, we could earn £260+ just from recycling something we were going to throw away! 

You will find the ink cartridge and battery collection points in the School Reception. When they have run out and are empty, just send them in with your child and we will pop them in the box...EASY!

Recycle today for a cleaner tomorrow.


Many thanks, 

The Global Warrior Team


Eyes of the World – Half term challenge!


CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) invited all schools to contribute to an art installation called the Eyes of the World which they plan to unveil in Cornwall during the G7 summit this weekend.

As our government hosts world leaders for discussions about some of the biggest problems facing the world today, we want to remind them that the Eyes of the World are on them as they make important decisions about the climate and the future of our global family.

We delivered our EYES to CAFOD on Wednesday for them to be included in the art installation. Thank you to all those who participated.

EAT THEM TO DEFEAT THEM   is a campaign from ITV and Veg Power to encourage


This week we all had the opportunity to taste the delicious tomatoes!

Next week, we will be tasting sweetcorn.




Week of 7th June: Tomatoes

Week of 14th June: Sweetcorn

Week of 21st June: Peppers

Week of 28th June: Carrots

Week of  5th July: Peas

Week of 12th July: Broccoli




City of Plymouth Trampoline & Gymnastics club has linked up with your child’s school with the aim of encouraging young people back to fitness and searching for individuals to join our latest Talent Identification squads.


Trampoline & Gymnastics has been proven to severely improve physical and mental attributes of participants that take part. Providing a fun and exciting way to regularly take part in fitness each week.


In past years, we have run successful Talent Identification sessions within Plymouth schools, highlighted individuals with great potential for Trampoline or Gymnastics and worked with them to be part of South West Squads, England Squads and even working within the Great Britain Teams and having the chance to attend events around Europe and the rest of the world.


We would like to offer the following opportunities to you and your child:-


Talent Identification trials – We are holding open trials where your child will get the opportunity to try out our trampoline and gymnastics equipment, to potentially gain a place within this year’s Talent Identification Program.


This time around we are interested in trialing children born in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.


Contact us at with your name, school, child’s name and year of birth by Sunday 13th June 2021.  The trial will take place on Saturday 19th June in the afternoon.


We look forward to seeing you at the trial stage.


Foundation Stage Traditional Tales Day


We've had such a brilliant traditional tales day. The children looked fantastic! We started the day with talking about our characters and what stories we were from.
Then we had a surprise trip out to the school MUGA in Beaumont Park. The children were so grown up and walked across amazingly, we were so proud. In the MUGA we had to find clues to help us guess our new story of Little Red Riding Hood. We shared the story together then played some games.
In the afternoon, we decorated some cakes for Little Red Riding Hood to take to Granny.



COVID19 Important Testing Reminder


As Lateral Flow Testing continues in schools and homes, could we remind you to report any positive results to or to ring the school office immediately, with self-isolation taking place until a confirmatory PCR test result is received. Whilst awaiting the result, we would have to send home the affected bubble(s) and report to Plymouth City Council as well as Plymouth CAST.

If the PCR comes back negative, we can then invite the bubble(s) back to school.


Any positive PCR tests should also be shared with us along with the date of the positive test.


Please remember that if an individual (child or adult) has any of the COVID19 symptoms a PCR test should be booked straight away. Use this link to book: You should not take a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test if you are symptomatic even if LFD testing is part of your routine. LFD tests are for people who are asymptomatic – i.e. not showing any symptoms. If you are not sure whether you have one or more of the symptoms then book a PCR test.

Please note that this applies to anyone in your household as well.

For further information on testing go to:


If your child presents with a new continuous cough, a fever or is experiencing any loss of or change in their taste/smell, please do not send them to school.

If your child presents with any of these symptoms while at school, we will call you immediately. You should have your child tested and the whole household should self-isolate until you get the result.

Further action will depend on the result of the test.



Breakfast Club/After School Club

20 places available at Breakfast and After School Club.

Please ring to book places one week in advance. Staff will be allocated to particular bubbles for the week ahead so that we can follow the track and trace guidelines effectively. We cannot take bookings on the day.

Breakfast Club runs from 7.45am and children need to be in by 8am. Arrivals after this time will not be admitted.

After School Clun finishes at 6pm.

Please ring 07398477727 when dropping off and picking up.

Drop off and collection to Breakfast Club/After School Club is at the main red doors to the church.


Have a lovely weekend!