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Message from the Headteacher
Dear Parents, What a week it has been! It has been full of emotion. It has been so good to see our Year 2 and year 3 children in for their parties and you could see just how much good it did them too! It provided a little bit of normality for them as well as a chance to catch up with their friends. We look forward to welcoming our Year 4 and Year 5 pupils back for their day next week. Our congratulations to Year 6 for their achievements across what has been a difficult year! Well done too to Miss McCally and Mrs Stevenson who have really supported them and every single one of them leaves so well equipped to tackle what lies ahead. They leave us ready for the next stage in their journey. They have all done so well and we are very proud of them.
As it is their last day today, I wish them, and their families, all the very best. Year 6 have missed out on a lot over the lockdown but they sure have enjoyed this week! This has included pizzas for lunch, a water fight, sports events, movies, a disco and breakfast. We had a special final assembly for Year 6 today and we made it possible for their parents to also attend. They received special individual awards, a hoodie and their own candle from their buddy so they take a bit of Holy Cross with them so that their light can continue to shine..
Whilst Year 6 were given their own individual certificates to reflect their unique personalities, there were also some whole school awards. These reflect certain priorities we try to promote. The award winners are: Curiosity Cup - Oliver B Independence Cup - Erin L Resilience Cup - Adrian A Pride Cup - Daria P Creativity Cup - Elika G-W Music Cup - Joseph B Hopes and Dreams - Simeon T Alternative Endeavour - Niamh T/Olivia C George Widgery Service Award - Fraser D/Amelia C-M Excellence - Jakub L Progress - Martin S Spirit of Holy Cross - Matthew M/Michelle I
We are still open as a school on Monday and Tuesday next week. Those who have been attending our normal Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Key Worker pods are expected back for those two days. In addition, Year 4 will join us on Monday from 10.00 - 2.00 and Year 5 will do the same on Tuesday. From September, we anticipate a full opening and have created risk assessments to reflect this. These have taken a lot of time and thought as we strive to make sure we are still keeping everyone safe. We will be vigilant in our efforts to follow this risk assessment but we also want to be positive and optimistic in our approach. These children deserve to feel a sense of normality. You may have heard a lot about schools offering a ‘recovery curriculum’ and you can be assured that we have given this much consideration. We will have to be a lot more flexible in our approach so that we call support children in all their needs - emotional and learning. I am confident that we can ensure the children can quickly re-engage and enjoy their learning. Teachers are very skilled at identifying gaps and adjusting the planning to catch up where needed. Whole classes will now be considered as individual bubbles and initially this will mean that our timetable throughout the day will ensure that they stay within this bubble. 
For parents, an important role for you will be to help us ensure we have a staggered start to and end of school day established for all class bubbles. You will need to be vigilant in sticking to your child’s pick up and drop off time and to quickly leave once you have your child. Pupils will walk into the top playground to the main entrance, white door or red door - from 8.20 to 9.00, leave from 2.50 to 3.15:
Yr 5/6
JK Rowling - enter top playground red door 8.30; leave red church door 3.00
Phillip Pullman - enter top playground red door 8.40; leave 3.10
Emma Carroll - enter top playground red door 8.50; leave 3.15
Yr 3/4
Michael Morpurgo - enter top playground to middle playground 8.30; leave 3.00
Quentin Blake - enter top playground to middle playground 8.40; leave 3.10
Roald Dahl - enter top playground to middle playground 8.50; leave 3.15
Yr 1/2 Roger Hargreaves - enter top playground white door 8.30; leave 3.00
Eric Carle - enter top playground white door 8.40; leave 3.10
Alan Ahlberg - enter top playground white door 8.50; leave 3.15
Julia Donaldson - there will be a staggered start to term but once settled, enter white door at 9.00 and leave at 2.50
We recognise that some parents who work will still appreciate support through our Before and After School Clubs. Obviously this will not be as straightforward because of the need to keep children in their class bubbles. However, we believe that use of the hall as well as outside will provide the space. We will be limited in numbers but we will try to start a Before School Club the week beginning 7th September and the after School Club the week beginning 14th September. We are still trying to work out what the knock-on effect this might have to our Sports Club provision. Part of our Risk Assessment looks at what measures we will need to have in place to ensure we can ‘Track and Trace.’
The CAST Privacy Statement has now needed to be amended to make it clear that we are required to share information with Public Health England in the event of any positive cases.
In September we will be looking for another Mealtime Assistant to support us over lunchtimes. If you are, or you know someone who might be interested, please let us know.
As this is my last weekly newsletter, on behalf of Mrs Cotter and myself, I would like to thank you all for all the support and kindness you have given us over the years. I became headteacher of Holy Cross way back in 2001 because I wanted to be with the family - Mrs Cotter and two of my daughters were already here! I never dreamed I would still be here 19 years later! Mrs Cotter has very much enjoyed working closely with many families over the years and it has been a privilege to see children grow and flourish within the Holy Cross family. We would both like to acknowledge that Holy Cross is a special school in so many ways. The staff are just amazing in what they do every day for your children. And the children - your children - we will never forget. It has been an honour and a privilege to lead this school. Thank you for everything you do to make learning a partnership and this school a vibrant community. Thank you too for your generosity - we have both received some beautiful gifts that mean a lot to us. May I wish you all a wonderful holiday.
Enjoy the break with your children. To those families leaving us, thank you for all your support. I wish you all the very best - you should be proud of what your children are achieving. For all those returning, school starts again on Thursday 3rd September for the children. I wish Mrs Gill, Miss Buscombe and all the staff all the very best. Godbless, Mr Cotter
Liturgy in School The theme for our prayer and worship next week is: Goodness will win!
Dear Jesus, I want to pray for everyone who is preparing for, or already enjoying the holidays. Help us all to have fun and keep safe. Amen
Here is a list of some important dates confirmed for next year. All information is available on our website calendar. Tuesday 21/07/20 Last day of term *************** Wednesday 2/9/20 Non-pupil day Thursday 3/9/20 Autumn term begins Frid vay 23/10/20 Last day of term 26/10/20—30/10/20 Half Term Monday 2/11/20 Term recommences Friday 18/12/20 Last day of term Monday 4/1/21 Non-pupil day Tuesday 5/1/21 Spring term begins Friday 12/02/21 Last day of term 15/02/21—19/02/21 Half Term Monday 22/02/21 Non-pupil day Tuesday 23/02/21 Term recommences 02/04/21—18/04/21 Easter Holidays
Arygle Community Trust is delighted to announce the launch of their Summer Roadshows for 2020. Spaces and venues are limited at this time and they have a new improved web booking system. The web link for the Plymouth Roadshows: - This Summer the Summer Reading Challenge is taking place online. It is easy to register, just go to and sign up. Online you will be able to get rewards, play games and earn badges as you discover awesome books to read this summer.
We are looking for a Mealtime Assistant to join us in September. The role is every day Monday to Friday 11.50am to 1.20pm If you would like to apply for the position please contact Mrs Leach or Miss Buscombe: sleach@holycross. sbuscombe@holycross. 
Thank you all for your support, as always. Have a wonderful summer. Mr Cotter, Miss Buscombe and all the staff at Holy Cross.
Request from Sustrans Please can you fill in this quick questionnaire on Sustrans Bike It Project at our school (The survey takes about 10 minutes) Sustrans will be giving every school who participates a brilliant bike pack—track pump, multitool, etc. plus two scooter pods are up for grabs: one will be a draw for any school with parent surveys done and one will go to the school with most parent surveys submitted.