Translated Weekly Newsletter

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

We started this week with a Diocesan -led liturgy. These take place termly so that we can connect (at least virtually) with our other CAST schools. Canon Mark spoke to us about the Season of Creation and told us the Old Testament story of Ruth and Naomi: a story which shows how God can turn hardship into something glorious and how everyone is important in His eyes. 

The children have greatly impressed us all this week with their focus and their engagement. They show us daily that they are ready to learn and can be respectful to everyone; embracing our three rules Ready, Respectful and Safe.

Mrs Gill

Our Catholic Life 

In the Gospel this week Jesus tells us a story about some workers who all receive the same wages, even though some worked all day and some just worked for an hour. Jesus is showing us that God’s idea of fairness is different from ours. God’s fairness is about making sure that every single person gets what they need, no matter what their situation. 

God gives us what we need and not just what others think we deserve. God is generous and created a world with enough for absolutely everyone.

Living Lord, 

We give thanks for your generosity and love. Help us to take no more than we need, to share all that we have and to work together for change so that the world becomes a fairer place for everyone. 




Please pass any messages to the friendly faces at the gate each morning. Miss Buscombe and I are now sharing our time between Holy Cross and St Paul’s but if you don’t see either of us on the gate, please look out for Mrs King, Mrs Shaw, Miss Goddard (see below) or Elena (our friendly and approachable   Parent Support Advisor). We will all do our best to help!


  A quick message to say hello and introduce myself. I have just taken on the role of SENCo this year. My role is to support children in school who have additional needs and work alongside them, their teachers and their families to ensure their needs are met. I am passionate about ensuring every child succeeds during their time at Holy Cross. 

I will be doing this role alongside teaching in Roald Dahl class. I will be out of class Mondays and Tuesdays. I will be teaching in class Wednesday- Friday.

If you would like to discuss anything regarding your child please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can contact me through dojo, email or by phoning the office. You will also find me at the gate on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Thank you as always. 

Miss Goddard


Good Disciple Award


This week we have all been trying to show Peace.

Well done to all these children.

Wonders of the Week

These children have all been READY to learn and willing to take on new challenges and persevere with their learning.  Well done to all these children.


Dojo Points

Top Dojo Points this week go to…



Whole School Attendance this week is 


Well done to Emma Carroll Class with 98% attendance this week.

99% punctuality this week .