Building the Kingdom - A Catholic Curriculum

Primary Science Quality Mark

In October 2023, Holy Cross School were awarded the GILT award for Primary Science. Our inspirational science lead, Beth Finnimore was delighted to hear that her excellent submission for the PQSM GILT Award had been successful! We are one of very few schools in Plymouth to have achieved this amazing award and our school community have worked hard to achieve this. The whole team at Holy Cross pulled together and contributed enthusiastically throughout the project and this is testament to the drive and dedication of everyone at Holy Cross to provide the best education possible for our children. The award recognises the whole school’s commitment and dedication to science.


Roots of Empathy
Holy Cross is currently running a very exciting programme called Roots of Empathy. We are the only school delivering this wonderful opportunity in the South West. 
Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based programme that has shown, in two decades of independent research on three continents, to have a significant effect in reducing levels of aggression, including bullying, among primary school children while raising social and emotional competence and increasing empathy.
Roots of Empathy offers empathy-based programmes in schools and childcare centres.  Volunteer instructors are trained to deliver an age appropriate curriculum and invite community families into classrooms to demonstrate the power of a secure attachment relationship between baby and parent – the first and most powerful model of empathy
By running this programme, we aim to surround our pupils with a positive and lasting experience that will help them to bring empathy to their future lives as citizens, parents and leaders of tomorrow.
Raising Attainment with Well-Being Award
We believe whole-heartedly in promoting pupil and staff well-being and this lies at the very heart of our ethos at Holy Cross. With Christ at the centre and the needs of every member of our community at the fore-front, we strive to build a culture of respect and love where every child and staff member is supported to reach their potential and become the person they are meant to become. 

Mental Health and well-being are prioritised and provision is tailored to meet the ever-evolving needs of our school community, led by our Senior Mental Health Lead and pastoral team.  Our Positive Behaviour Policy is based on strong, supportive relationships at every level with respect at its core. Staff go above and beyond to offer the care and nurture required in order to ensure our pupils feel safe, supported, happy and ready to learn. 

Our engagement with the 'Raising Attainment Through Wellbeing Award' inspired us to make exciting and informed changes which have impacted positively on behaviour and well-being at our school. 

In November 2022 OFSTED reported that
'Pupils say that learning is rarely disturbed by poor behaviour. Staff guide pupils towards making the right choices. They help them to consider the impact of their actions. Pupils are adamant that they should treat everyone the same. They say this always happens at Holy Cross. Pupils understand why this is important. As a result, pupils understand that people can have different beliefs and opinions. They listen to and value others even when their beliefs differ from their own.’

The awarding body commented 'Wonderful! What a terrific endorsement of your approaches to wellbeing, agency and empowering the children's voice!' and stated that 'The quality of your evidence submitted was excellent'.