First Holy Communion Preparation

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Susan Buscombe
RE Leader
 Here's what last year's group had to say about their experience...

About the sessions:

"One thing you will really enjoy about the classes is that you learn lots about Jesus."

"One thing you will really enjoy is that the teacher never leaves you not knowing what to do and she cares for us."

"One thing you will really enjoy about the classes is that you get to work in a special book."

 About making your First Holy Communion:

"The thing I enjoyed most about the day was that we got to stand around the altar and see up close what the priest was doing."

"I loved being with my Holy Communion friends on the day-it was a celebration!"

"It was so special receiving the bread and wine which is Jesus’ body and blood. I felt so close to Jesus, like he was protecting me."

Things I wish I had known at the start:

"I wish I knew I had to bring my book with me every week so that I could do all the activities and colouring."

"I wish I had known at the start that it helps to go to Mass because otherwise the new words can be a little confusing."

"I wish I had known that I had no need to worry or be scared. It was all so much easier than I had been thinking!"