School Parliament News

We now have our new House of Commons members of parliament!
Our school MPs are: Jeroen (y1), Tilly (y1), Daria (y2), Daragh (y2), Gerran (y2), Holly (y2), Anastasia (y3), Oliver (y3), Nonny (y4), Luke (y4), Lilia (y5), Kajetan (y5), Maja (y6) and William (y6).
We will be involved in interviewing the new Head of Learning this week and will soon be voting for our Executive committee: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
This year we are changing the structure of the school council!
Following our informative tour of Parliament, the current school council thought it was a good idea to copy how decisions are made in our country.
UK Parliament School Parliament
  • House of Commons - elected members
  • House of Lords - experts in their field - nomimated by the Queen
  • The Queen
  • House of Commons - elected members (just like the old school council)
  • House of Lords - experts in their field - nominated by the teaching staff
  • The Queen - (Mrs Wolstencroft and Mrs England)
It is hoped the new school parliament will help us make better decisions for the common good and the growth of our school by including everyone's voice.  
This is very similar to how decision are made in Great Britain.