School Governors

Mrs Nicola Chong

Vice Chair & Foundation Governor - Cathedral School

I am currently a full time homemaker having previously worked in education for 10 years and as a dietician. I have two children at Cathedral School. I am committed to the goal of achieving the best possible all round educational experience for all pupils. I am also an active member of the Friends of School and currently act as the Chair.

Mrs Marguerite Sperring

Foundation Governor

Safeguarding Governor

My name is Marguerite Sperring and I am a Foundation Governor. I bring my skills as a trained and qualified HR specialist to support the School and Governing Body. I also bring my deep faith and desire for a safe environment for staff and pupils to support the School and Governing Body. I sit on the relevant committees where my skills can be best utilised (RE, Safeguarding and HR). I also visit the schools at various times (e.g. parent evenings) to be a face the pupils and parents recognise as that of a governor and hopefully one that is approachable.

I am proud to be involved with the Governing Body because I believe in both Schools and what they want to achieve. The passion for doing the best for the pupils and staff is evident in what is said and done and I want to be associated with people that have that passion.

Mrs Lisa Martin

Parent Governor - Holy Cross School

Having lived overseas for a number of years, I am a relatively new parent to both Holy Cross and Plymouth. I am open minded and progressive, but I do enjoy and appreciate the many school traditions.
I am a staunch supporter of Holy Cross and will enjoy being able to shape the way forward for the school.

Mrs H Shaw

Staff governor - Holy Cross School

Mr Tim Driscoll

Staff Governor - Cathedral School

My journey within the Mary of the Cross Federation started in 1990 as a pupil of Holy Cross. The school has always been a place of happy memories, instilling a love and passion for learning as well as self-belief that anything is possible. It was then and still is now, a place of nurture and care where the children learn to place God at the centre of all that we do and recognise the value of every individual. It is because of these qualities that I joined the governing body as a staff governor , allowing me to give something back to a place that has given me so much.

I have the unique benefit of having worked in both of our federated schools. Before moving to Holy Cross to teach Year 2 in September 2015, I spent 4 years as the Year 5/6 teacher at The Cathedral School. Whilst in this position I was also staff governor. Having an insight into the workings of both schools and knowing both sets of staff allows me to make suggestions that utilises the strengths of across the federation to further enhance the learning for the children in our care.

Mr Paul Cotter

Staff Governor

Executive Headteacher for both The Cathedral School of St Marys & Holy Cross Catholic Primary School


 Mary of the Cross Federation

Governor Meeting Dates

Academic Year 2018-2019

The Governing Body will aspire to place Christ at the centre of all we do, reflect the mission statements of both schools and ensure that they are at the heart of the communities they serve.

The Governing Body will aim to provide inclusive, safe and dynamic learning environments which nurture the whole child. Through the delivery of  high quality curriculum provision with Literacy and Numeracy at the core, our aim will be for all our pupils to reach their highest potential.

The Governing Body will challenge and support the Leadership Team and all staff to maintain high standards of teaching and learning at all times. 









Monday 10th December




Cathedral School

Monday 11th February


Holy Cross School

Monday 25th March


Cathedral School

Monday 20th May


Holy Cross School

Monday 15th July


Cathedral School


Mary of the Cross Federation  

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Meetings to Date: 24.9.18  








Paul Cotter


31.8.12 - permanent

CAST Director 22.9.14


Wife: Staff – Holy Cross


Lisa Martin


7.11.16 to 6.11.20

Platinum Student Services Ltd.

Student Support Services


Child at Holy Cross


Nicola Chong


22.6.18 – 21.6.22



Child at Cathedral School


Marguerite Sperring


12.12.16 to 11.12.20

Organist & Choir Leader –

Plymouth RC Diocese




Gary Futcher


10.12.15 to 9.12.19



Wife –Staff Cathedral School


Dawn Potterton


9.1.2017 – permanent

Wife of Director of Starlines [Children’s Theatre Company]




Timothy Driscoll


1.12.16 to 31.11.20





Hannah Shaw


29.9.18 to 28.9.22