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Year 6 - Miss McCalley
Welcome to McKenzie Class
Miss McCalley and Ms Stevenson welcome you to our Year 6 class page. Keep logging in for more details about what we are getting up to in class! 

Miss K McCalley

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WOW - Wonders of the Week Term Three
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WOW - Wonders of the Week Term One 
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Our class is named after the author Ross MacKenzie. He has written a range of books that we will be looking at throughout this year. Some of these books are pictured below ... 
Shang Dynasty 
Our new topic is the Shang Dynasty. We will be learning about The children will learn who the Ancient Shang people were, where and when they lived, using maps and atlases to locate Shang cities. They will also learn about the role of the king, the religious beliefs and rituals of the Shang people and how oracle bones were used in divination ceremonies.
The children will also examine a range
of Shang artefacts and draw conclusions about what they can teach us. The unit ends with a close look at the remarkable discovery of the first intact Shang tomb which belonged to the military general and high priestess Fu Hao.
Our hook will be a day looking at China, where it is in the world, its population, main religions and language and the celebration of Chinese New Year!