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Welcome to McKenzie Class
Miss McCalley and Ms Stevenson welcome you to our Year 6 class page. Keep logging in for more details about what we are getting up to in class! 

Miss K McCalley

Class teacher

Ms E Stevenson

Year 6 Teaching Assisstant
Marvellous Maps! 
Our topic this term is 'Marvellous Maps' . This geography unit allows children to further explore the range of maps available to geographers and to develop their understanding of the key features of maps. They will study a range of maps and atlases, including digital maps, and compare their features. By comparing maps of the same place, children will learn about the way that places have changed over time.
Our English and Reading sessions link to this through our research of Bear Gylls, a modern day adventurer. We will look at his autobiography and the exciting adventures that he has been on throughout his life so far. 
Each week we will select our wonder of the week. Keep looking at the newsletter to see which super year 6 has achieved the award this week! 
Ross MacKenzie will release his new book 'The Elsewhere Emporium' on September 18th 2018! Watch this space!
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Our class is named after the author Ross MacKenzie. He has written a range of books that we will be looking at throughout this year. Some of these books are pictured below ... 
This week your child will be coming home with a target sheet. These identify a reading, writing and maths target for them to work through this term. They will have also chosen a personal target that they will need to work through, this has been chosen by your child.
I have provided a range of links below to support you in the reading, writing and maths targets at home. By working on with your child at home, you will be supporting the work that we are doing in school and helping to improve their confidence.  
These links, when copied to the website, were working and on appropriate websites for Y6 to be accessing with supervision. When accessing Youtube, please be aware that the other videos suggested will be different every time you load the page. 
Many thanks for your support as always! 
Miss McCalley  
Semi Colon
Semi colon information =    Use purely as a revision source, do not submit your answers to the webpage. If you have questions, I can answer these in class.  
Semi colon worksheets = 
Semi colon game = 
This can be done every time you read your book from school or from home. Read a chapter and then summarise what you found out by picking out the key information.  Support your ideas with quotes from the text.
See 'Tom's Midnight Garden' activity sheet for an extra task.  
Word Problems
Questions / Problems =
Roman Numerals 
Websites = 
Activity = 
Tom's Midnight Garden
If you would like to work on this activity, please focus on activity Pages 3 and 4.