Parent Support Advisor

Parent Support Advisor - Rachel Confue


Hi - My name is Rachel Confue and I'm your Parent Support Advisor.

I have seven children, two of them are currently studying at St Boniface’s College, one has just started at Devonport High School for Girls and four attend here at Holy Cross 

As you can imagine life can be quite busy and like many of you I have a husband who is often away with work.

So what do I like to do in my spare time?

I’m trying to get a vegetable garden going but I’m quickly realising this is not as easy as it first seemed! Our goose (yes we have got a goose, my husband's idea!) thinks the fence to keep him out is his own private obstacle course!                                                       

Whilst I’m by no means an expert on parenting I can assure you that it is likely that I will have experienced at least similar suituations and feelings to those which you might be having. In my role as a Parent Support Advisor I would be able to direct you to the appropriate channel or simply just listen to your concerns.  It is also part of my plan to invite other professionals in for talks, such as the Plymouth Parent Partnership, who would be able to give independent support and information about secondary schools.

The main thing I would like you to take away from this page is that I am here to help and support all parents of Holy Cross children and I hope you will feel comfortable expressing your concerns or needs and feel happy to take advantage of this facility.

We are fortunate now to have two Parent Support Advisers working across both Holy Cross and The Cathedral School as we are now employed by the Federation. Tracy Cook has joined me, so we are now a double act!   




If you would like more information or a chat you can;

Phone or text  07772275540 


Write to: Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, 2 Beaumont Rd, Plymouth, PL4 9BE   

Or simply catch me in the playground when dropping off or picking up.