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Here we will celebrate our fantastic wonders of the week. You will find the name of our wonder of the week and the reason they have been chosen.
Our Summer term Wonders of the Week:
20.04.18 Ali - for a great improvement on his attitude to learning and behaviour.
27.04.18 Philip - for settling in so well to our school.
04.05.18 Jesse - for making so much progress in English.
11.05.18 Daria - for an outstanding piece of writing.
Our Spring term Wonders of the Week:
23.03.18 Alice
16.03.18 Sasha
09.03.18 Ellenna
23.02.18 Talulla
02.02.18 Nathan
26.01.18 Henry  
19.01.18 Filip
12.01.18 Adam
We will be having a strong focus on times tables in king-smith class this year. The expectation in year 3 is that children will know 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x tables. In year 4 children are expected to know all times tables up to 12. We will be using 'Times Tables RockStars' this year to motivate us to increase our recall speed of the times tables. The children will be provided with a username and password to log on to the website but please ask if you would like this information. 
Welcome to our Class Page!
 Please check our class page regularly for updates of what we have been learning in class. You will also find out about our wonder of the week, copies of any letters sent out, home learning information. Check out our class gallery for lots of pictures and information about our learning.
Our Learning This Half Term:

Our topic for the whole of the Summer term is ‘Ancient Egypt.’ We will be looking in depth at the achievements of this ancient civilisation. The children will learn about how and where the ancient Egyptians lived, what was important in the daily lives of ancient Egyptians, who Tutankhamun was and how mummies were made. The children will also learn about how Egyptian people used hieroglyphics to communicate and compare the powers of different gods. In English, for the first half term we will be writing wishing tales based on ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’. After this, we will be writing recounts and newspaper reports about King Tutankhamun. For the second half term we will be writing scary stories based on ‘The Mummy’s Curse’. Finally, we will be writing information texts based on ‘How to Defeat a Monster’. Mathematics will cover investigating statistics, visualising shape and exploring change in the first term and proportional reasoning, describing position and measuring and estimating in the second half term. Art will link to our topic as we will be making Egyptian masks. Our RE work will start with Easter followed by Pentecost. We will have half an hour weekly French lessons.


In science, for the first half term we will be focusing on how vibrations cause sounds and how sounds travel, as well as how sounds can change pitch and loudness. The children will also learn about how sounds are made, carrying out demonstrations of vibrations, and completing a sound survey of our school.


In science, for the second half term we will be focusing on forces and magnets. We will be looking at forces including friction and magnetic attraction. The children will be learning about forces in the context of pushing and pulling, and will identify different actions as pushes or pulls. The children will work scientifically to investigate friction, by exploring the movement of a toy car over different surfaces.

Yr3 Swimming
Year 3 will be swimming at the Life Centre this term. Swimming will commence on Tuesday 8th May and run for three weeks - the children will swim daily.
Please don't hesitate to contact Miss Mooney if you have any queries about this.
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