Hergé - Mr Driscoll

Mr Tim Driscoll

Year 2 Teacher, Key Stage 1 and PE Lead


Mrs Louise Baines

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Tina Jarvis

Teaching Assistant


Mr Callum Leech

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Welcome to our Class Page!
Mr Driscoll and the team welcome you to the Hergé Class Homepage!
Hergé Class is all about building children's love of learning by ensuring that the children are taught in a fun and energetic way. We love to make the classroom as vibrant as possible with displays that not only present examples of great work, but also help the children move forward in their understanding. 
We love to celebrate the children's achievements. On this page you'll find examples and pictures of their work which they should be very proud of.
In Hergé Class we are very lucky to have the support of a number of incredible adults. Mrs Baines is Mr Driscoll's right hand lady. She is in the class every morning helping the children to learn. Mrs Jarvis is a brilliant teaching assistant who will join us for a couple of afternoons each week. We also have Miss Fennell and Mrs Norman, both ex-teachers who come in to support the children. Mr Leech is currently working in our class as part of his apprenticeship. With all this help, the children always have someone near by to ask for support.
Please keep visiting this page to keep in touch with the children's current learning. Thanks!
For showing excellent learning behaviours and resilience this week.
For being an excellent team mate in the classroom, seeing children who are struggling around him and supporting them as best he can. Thank you Jude!
For always being a role model to her peers and for working incredibly hard to show us all just what she is capable of. Well done!
For great determination and working really well with other members of the class to achieve her potential.
For always trying her hardest; being ready to learn and pushing herself to the achieve her full potential.
For wonderful effort in our first week back to school and being an inspiration to his peers.
Year 2 Assessments
As we enter Year 2, your child is nearing the time where they will be sitting their formal assessments. These are statutory documents aimed at providing schools with a means by which they can measure children's understanding and progress. It is important to say that these assessments are not the only way in which teachers come to a judgement about a child's understanding, just another way of obtaining evidence.
The assessments must be sat during the month of May. 
The children will be expected to sit 2 reading papers, a grammar paper, a spelling paper and 2 math papers.
You can find some resources to help your child in the 'Learning Resources' tab.
If you have any questions about the tests or would like to see how your child is getting on, please pop in and see me.
Hergé Class - Long Term Plan
Please download the link below to see what we will be getting up to over the course of the year. If you feel that you can support us in any way, please get in touch.
It will be uploaded by the beginning of term!
A useful year by year Calculation Policy
Plymouth University Art Visit
The children had a fantastic time exploring the Gunpowder Plot with the Art students of Plymouth University. The children explored lots of different techniques and skills to produce some fantastic pieces of work. Our thanks to the BEd Year 1 students who were fantastic and had planned some great activities.

Our Christmas Production Songs
Please spend a few minutes as and when you can allowing your child to listen to the songs that they will be singing as part of our Christmas performance this year; 'Straw and Order'. 
If you have any questions regarding the play, please get in touch!
Our Learning This Week
This week we have focused on a piece of writing as our main topic. The children have been writing a newspaper report that explains who broke into Mr Driscoll's house and stole his presents! 
As you would expect, we have also been creating quite a few pieces of work that are aimed at providing you gifts for the festive season. 
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. See you all in 2018!
Our Learning Next Week
Next week we will be starting our new text type, newspaper reports. The children will be using their knowledge of the Gunpowder Plot to understand what a newspaper report is and how they are structured. 
In maths the children will be continuing to solve addition questions using the column method before possibly moving onto subtraction.
In RE we will continue to prepare for our celebration meal.
Finally we will be welcoming the science students from Plymouth University who will help us continue to explore our current topic, Seasonal Changes.
On top of all that, we will also be finding time to rehearse our part of the Christmas Performance! 
Don't forget to keep checking the Class Dojo Story to stay up-to-date with the classroom activities.
Remember, Remember!
Look at this video of the children reciting the traditional Bonfire Night poem. They have used actions and symbols to help them remember the order of events.

Greenbank Fire Station Visit
We were really lucky to visit Greenbank Fire Station today. We found out all about the role of a fire fighter and all of the different jobs that they do for the community. We were also told how to keep ourselves safe at home by unplugging things that we aren't using and telling an adult if we find matches or a lighter. We even got to spray water from the hoses on the fire engine! 
Simon James Visit
Another wonderful learning opportunity for the children this week. The author and illustrator of such children's books as Rex and Baby Brains, Simon James came to visit the children, shedding light on the life of an author, modelled how to draw some of his well known characters and even read us some of his stories. He came around the classes and signed books for the children. A truly fantastic experience. Our thanks to Mrs Wolstencroft, Mrs Potterton and Miss Heaton for organising his visit.
Brian Pollard Visit
We have been incredibly lucky to be joined by the local artist Brian Pollard today. He showed us how to create beautifully colourful paintings of local landmarks. He even painted Hamish his dog! Have a look at how the children have built up layers of paint to create their vibrant pictures.
Exploring Our Local Area
We have been exploring Plymouth Barbican and Hoe looking for local landmarks. We found the 'Leviathan' at the National Marine Aquarium, the Royal Citidel, Mount Batten Pier and Smeaton's Tower. The children had an excellent time and were a credit to our school. It was a shame that the rain came just a bit too soon but we still managed to find all of our landmarks. Well done children!

Read Esme's recount of our trip. She has used some fantastic vocabulary to describe some of the landmarks!