Eric Carle - Mrs King and Mrs Dyson

Mrs Francesca King

Eric Carle Classteacher, PSHE and Thrive Lead

Mrs Cari Dyson

Eric Carle Classteacher, Design and Technology Lead

Mrs Debbie Coyte

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Tina Jarvis

Teaching Assistant
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Key Stage One - Long Term Plan 
Please download the attachment below to see what we will be getting up to over the course of the year. If you feel that you could support us in any way, please get in touch.
Spring WOWS
23.03.2018 - Tristan
For your focus in writing. We loved the diary you have written and can't wait to read the next installment! 
16.03.2018.  - Mason
For a huge improvement in your writing and thinking carefully about your full stops and capital letters.
09.03.2018 - Khaled
For your infectious enthusiasm for learning  - thank-you
24.02.2018 - Mehad
Your news this week was so exciting and your are working so hard in phonics - keep going!
02.02.2018 - Amelia
For always using the resources around you when you write - keep it up! 26.01.2018 - Kevin
It is wonderful to see you growing in confidence and take such pleasure in your writing - great job!
20.01.2018 - Olivia
Olivia - you are trying so hard and showing resilience when things get tough - well done!
12.01.2018 - Laura
Laura has impressed us with her improvement in phonics this week and she is trying really hard to apply this in her writing. Great job!
Autumn 2 WOWS
 20.12.17 - Annie 
Annie you are ALWAYS ALWAYS well behaved and try your best - a wonderful role-model to us all.
20.12.17 - Joseph
We are loving watching you grow and mature into a fantastic learner. You are one to watch!
24.11.17 - Luca
Well done Luca! You are such a pleasure to have in class. You always come to school with a smile and are eager to learn in every lesson. You always try your best and listen carefully during our lessons.
17.11.17 - Melissa
Well done, Melissa! It has been a pleasure to have you in class. You are always ready to learn and are a great role model to your friends by showing good listening skills.
10.11.17 - Joseph
Well done, Joseph! You always try your best and work hard in class. You have also showed that you are a very kind friend to yours peers by helping them when they are stuck. Well done!
Autumn 1 WOWS
15.09.17 - Sienna
Well done, Sienna! It has been a pleasure to watch you be so engaged and in control of your learning this week. Keep it up! 
22.09.17 - Harlow
Well done, Harlow, for being awarded this weeks wonder of the week. You are working so hard!
29.9.17 - Abady
Well done, Abady. We have noticed that you have been working particular hard in BIG writes - well done!
6.10.17 - Bobby
Bobby has been working really hard to develop independent learning skills. It's paying off- his progress this term has been amazing! Well done!
13.10.17 - Theresia
Well done Theresia for all your writing this week. You have worked so hard to segment words into sounds and then record them all accurately!  
18.10.17 - Iris
Iris has shown incredible focus and determination in her writing this week. Great work, Iris!
Our theme this term is...

Summer 1 Learning


We will begin by the first 2 weeks looking at efficient methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division where we will be consolidating the methods we know and discuss when they are best used. Then we will take a closer look at measuring time, weight and capacity; learning what units we measure in and reading them accurately from marked and unmarked scales.


The children will continue with their Read Write Inc. sessions. They have recently been reassessed so their RWI group may well have changed. If you have questions about this please let us know. In class we will develop our reading and writing skills through units based on African animal fact-files followed by the the story ‘Handa’s Surprise!’.


Through our geography unit ‘Sensational Safari’ we will learn about the key geographical features of Africa with a focus on Kenya, learning about the wildlife, landscapes and culture. Children will compare Africa to the UK and be encouraged to recognise and respect the similarities and differences.


In this unit children learn about human and animal bodies and consider similarities and differences between them. Children engage in a variety of activities including drawing and labeling the body, using their senses to conduct an investigation, describing animal bodies and sorting animals into groups.

Our Outdoor Classroom
We are very lucky in Eric Carle Class to have our very own outdoor classroom attaches to our indoor classroom. We use this space to provide the children with continuous provision learning opportunities. The children can continue their learning from indoors independently in a lovely covered outdoor space. We have a garden, role play corner, building, making, writing, maths, reading and painting areas. The children access all of these areas independently. They find the resources they need and complete challenges and tasks left out by their teacher. The children love this area and enjoy showing us what they have achieved when they come back inside. See the photos below for some of the learning opportunities we have had so far.