Dahl Class Gallery

Please check this page regularly for photos of what we have been up to.
Performing Poems - 05.01.2018
In our reading lessons we have been focusing on poems and stories from all around the world. The children worked in groups of 3 or 4 and had a sections of the poem 'Travel' by Robert Louis Stevenson. The children worked well as a group and focused on the tone, volume and fluency of their voice during their performance.
Science - 07.12.2017
In Science today we investigated conductors and insulators. First, we sorted materials into different groups and predicted whether we thought they would be conductors or insulators. We then tested each object by placing it in a simple circuit to see if we were correct.
Author Day - 01.12.2017
We had a day to celebrity our favourite author - Roald Dahl. The children came in to school dressed as a character from a Roald Dahl book. We read some extracts from The BFG and used the description to paint our own dream jars. We then chose some of The BFG's dreams to mix up together to write our own mixed up dreams. 
Science - 24.11.2017
In Science today we had some visitors from Plymouth University in to teach our lesson. We completed three different activities such as naming different electrical components, making a human circuit and building our own circuits.
Science - 07.11.2017
In Science today we were lucky enough to have visitors in to deliver a Lego science workshop. First, the children were asked to build a Lego village in teams. They were then taught how to make electrical circuits to illuminate their village. They discussed lots of interesting things such as why the bulbs become dimmer when more than one is connected to a single battery. They then added a motorised railway track to their village and discussed how it works.
English - 06.11.2017
In our English lesson we looked more deeply into the actions of Rose, in particular when she faced the dilemma of whether to enter the tunnel or not. We created a 'conscience alley' where the children whisper to Rose what she should do. Rose then decides what to do based on the most convincing arguments!
PE - 02.11.2017
We were lucky enough to have a PE lesson at Pitts Hall today, part of the Plymouth University campus. The children had a gymnastics lesson, focusing on creating sequences and teamwork. Dahl class were praised by the teacher for their excellent listening skills and wonderful teamwork. 
Computing - 31.10.2017
In computing we have been focusing on coding using code.org. The children have worked together to write algorithms and to debug code. You can access this at home by going to http://code.org/join and typing in our class code, which is LTJVNC.
Maths - 13.10.2017
In maths we have been been working on addition. We have been adding 1s, 10s and 100s to three digit numbers. We have been using concrete resources to secure our understanding before moving on to mental methods.
English - 10.10.2017
In English we have been working on our poetry reading skills. We have been focusing on the volume, tone and expression in our voices when presenting.
Art - 05.10.2017
In art we put all of the skills we have learnt over the past few weeks together. We were concentrating on painting the Thames in the style of Monet. We mixed colours to match as closely as we can and we worked on creating the impression of light reflecting on the water. We also worked on creating depth in our pictures by making the ripples in the water appear bigger towards the bottom and smaller towards the top.
Maths - 03.10.2017
In mathematics we have been working on dividing by 3,4 and 8.We have been using concrete resources to build arrays before moving on to more abstract maths.
Geography - 28.09.2017
Today we investigated how our drinking water is cleaned. We chose some items to use to have a go at creating our own filtering system. We did a brilliant job but we still wouldn't like to drink the water we cleaned!
School Parliament - 28.09.2017
Today all of the children who were interested in being part of school parliament presented their views in front of the class. Tomorrow we will vote anonymously!
Topic Morning - 27.09.2017
For our topic morning we continued our work on the water cycle. We researched the different parts and prepared a  presentation in groups.
Art - 26.09.2017
We continued our art work by investigating the way in which Monet captured the light reflecting on the water. We decided to mix colours to match a section of Monet's painting and we concentrated on the lengths of the ripples of water in order to create the effect of depth in our paintings.
Geography - 21.09.2017
In Topic we investigated how clouds are made by finding out about evaporation and condensation. We then looked into how cloud coverage is measured by making our own chart to measure the fraction of cloud coverage. 
PE - 18.09.2017
In PE we have been practising our ball control  in order to improve our tag rugby skills.
STEM Fest 2017 - 12.09.17
Exploring Place Value 05.09.17
Painting in the Style of Monet - 06.09.17
Numbers as Words Hangman - 07.09.17
Exploring Freezing, Evaporation and Condensation - 07.09.17