The Vision

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School has a motto “Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God” and it says a lot about our school. We are proud to be a Catholic school and we hold dear to our new Mission Statement. There is a determination to make learning fun and the importance placed on relationships throughout the whole school is evident. The motto tries to embrace the school ethos.


Within this context the school is committed to allowing each child to fulfil their potential. We continue to focus beyond academic boundaries and consider each child’s personal development. It is critical that our children feel good about themselves, have high self-esteem, self-confidence and are provided with a range of opportunities that make them believe that they can do anything.

For this reason I believe that we must continue to deliver many and varied extra-curricular activities, including sports, art, ICT, residential, environmental, drama and music. It may also be necessary to support our core curriculum by out of school activities.


A change in management structure supports the separation of what is strategic and what is needed day to day. The ability to have an Executive Headteacher and a Head of Learning allows the school to really focus on what is important.  Key Stage meetings will allow us to continue to work together to think creatively and flexibly. Our federation with The Cathedral School will allow us to work beyond the confines of our school. The creation of CAST - a Multi-Academy Trust comprising of 36 schools - takes this even further as we are responsible and accountable beyond our school. 

As an outstanding school, we have a lot to live up to and it is not a case of sitting back but continually striving to improve. We ask all to set their sights high and be the best that they can.

Standards of pupil performance must always be critically examined. Each child must be given every opportunity to fulfil his or her potential. This will need careful monitoring and assessment, starting on entry. Home visits and a more diagnostic baseline assessment, we will know precisely where our pupils come from, with a strong evidence base to support progress. Assessment for Learning will be crucial in setting realistic and challenging targets for all children and for personalising teaching to meet individual learning needs. 

Tied directly to this assessing will be a target setting process that will continue to involve the pupils, parents and teachers. Curricular targets will identify areas for development so that pupils will know the next steps to learning. There will be a greater understanding of what will move them on. The school will also use Target Tracker and gap analysis to ensure that learning priorities are embedded in our planning and review.

It is not always easy to keep up with the changing education landscape. What is important, however, it to ensure that we are supporting the needs of the children in our care and doing our best to make sure they are growing and developing in every way. As a Catholic School, our Mission Statement is so important to us and provides the bedrock for us.